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The Cause

100% of the proceeds from Dylan’s Brick Shop will be donated to The Dylan Toma Osteosarcoma Research Fund to advance treatment options and help other osteosarcoma patients bravely battling this terrible disease.

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Osteosarcoma is a very rare bone cancer, with 800 cases diagnosed in the US each year, of which half are children. It is a particularly challenging disease for several reasons:

  • Osteosarcoma treatment has not changed in nearly 40 years - and the current treatment is one of the most toxic chemotherapy regimens. 

  • There is no effective treatment protocol for relapsed osteosarcoma.

  • There is a poor survival rate for relapsed osteosarcoma.

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Unlike more common cancers, pediatric cancers receive only 4% of federal funds for cancer research. And osteosarcoma is such a rare disease, it gets a tiny fraction of that 4%, if any. This is a disease that has not seen much investment which is why treatment and outcomes have not changed in nearly 40 years. Every single dollar that is donated to osteosarcoma research will make a difference.


The Dylan Toma Osteosarcoma Research Fund with MIB Agents will fund and advance critical osteosarcoma research.  MIB Agents has been an incredible resource for Dylan and our family. In addition to providing helpful patient programs and funding important osteosarcoma research, MIB Agents has created a passionate and active osteosarcoma community that connects patients, families, clinicians, and researchers to fuel and advance collaborative learning and osteosarcoma research. Not only has it provided an invaluable support system by connecting us with other families and patients, but it has given us access to a network of osteosarcoma experts that have been invaluable resources during Dylan’s battle.  Support of MIB translates to meaningful support for families, offering hope for better treatment options and a cure.

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