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Dylan's Brick Boosters

Dylan’s Brick Shop was founded by his mom and his three best buddies - George, Jordan, and Sam. It was inspired by a desire to thoughtfully distribute Dylan’s most cherished belongings, help other OsteoWarriors, and share Dylan’s joyful passion for LEGO®.



Building LEGO® was one of the all time favorite activities Dylan and his mom enjoyed together. With a carefully honed system where his mom would find and organize the pieces for Dylan to assemble, they spent many happy hours together working side by side. Since the Superhero sets were Dylan’s favorites, those are also his mom’s favorites. But Dylan’s mom also holds fond memories of the giddy anticipation they shared working on special sets - including the Saturn V, the Grand Piano, and the Aston Martin. 


dylan and sam_edited.jpg

I met Dylan in Pre-K and instantly we became best friends. Throughout the years we made it through elementary school and middle school, remaining friends the whole way. One of my favorite memories is racing throughout the neighborhood on Halloween, challenging each other to see who can collect the most candy by the end of the night. My favorite LEGO® genre is Ninjago®, because it reminds me of when I was younger, watching the show with my friends. 



Hi! My name is George and I first really got to know Dylan in the summer of 5th Grade. I knew he lived near me and I wanted to hang out. We spent every day of the summer with each other. For the past 4 years, we called each other almost everyday and played video games. One of my favorite memories of us was when we camped in Dylan's backyard. Dylan and I stayed up the whole night watching movies, playing games and looking at stars. My favorite LEGO® category is LEGO® architecture.



Hi! My name is Jordan. I’ve known Dylan since second grade when we played on a soccer team together. We grew very close in our time together. I have so many great memories with him. One of my favorites is playing this game, DragonVale, and talking about it with him every morning on the swings during recess. My favorite LEGO® category is probably Star Wars.

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